SCOPE Documentation

Welcome to the scope documentation. scope is a two-in-one command line utility as well as a Python library designed to facilitate coupling and communication between various Earth system models. The minimal quickstart:

$ pip install scope-coupler
$ scope --help
$ scope preprocess ${CONFIG_FILE} echam
$ scope regrid ${CONFIG_FILE} pism

The commands listed above would install the scope coupler; show you what it can do, gather relevant files from the atmosphere model echam, and regrid them onto a pism ice sheet grid.

However, scope is capable of much more than this. You can preprocess or postprocess data on either side of the communication, modify variable names and attributes, perform corrections due to resolution differences, and provide your own specific steps for each part of the coupling process.

scope is designed to run completely independently of the models being used, the run-time infrastructure available on the supercomputer, and, perhaps most importantly requires 0 modifications to your model code. To get started, have a look at the documentation below.

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